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About Me

Computer animation graduate from Ringling College (2020)
I am passionate about animation which
drives my desire to learn and develop
the skills and abilities to achieve a rewarding
career in the animation industry

As a result of my education and internship experience, I have increasingly broadened my skills in areas such as storytelling, traditional and computer animation, using animation to bring stories to life, and developing characters that connect with the intended audience as well as convey meaning through movement. Story courses have taught me to use simple ideas that generate empathy with an audience, while animation classes have emphasized weight, force, and character emotion to conceptualize those stories.

Technical Skills
Autodesk Maya
Z Brush
Substance Painter
3D Coat
Marvelous Designer
Adobe Premier
Adobe Photoshop

Student Academy Awards, Silver Award for Best Animated Short Film, “Mime Your Manners”, 47th Academy Awards 2020
The Rookies Finalist for Best 3D animated film 2020, “Mime Your Manners”
Four time Best of Ringling Award for animation
Ringling President’s Award for high GPA
Faculty Scholarship, Ringling School of Art and Design


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